Woke Revealed

"It's not as bad as you think it is... It's worse."

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Starts July 4th, 2024.


What would you say if asked to define "WOKE"?

Debates get heated, and yet you feel like you’re missing part of the puzzle. What’s really behind all this “WOKENESS”?

Woke Revealed exposes what "WOKE" truly means beneath all the noise. It’s all laid out, no holds barred.

Free Online Premiere Starts Thursday, July 4th, 2024.


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The Siren's Song of Social Justice

Imagine a future where speaking your mind risks everything. Where sharing your thoughts could land you in hot water.

Every day, open dialogue is under attack.

Brilliant thinkers and respected experts are being silenced... Cancelled. Their voices wiped from the map. Not fringe outliers—this is mainstream suppression.

Just like the Sirens' song that lured sailors to danger, "Wokeness" promises social justice. And yet beneath the melody, it silences and restricts freedom.

Who’s behind this orchestration of silence?

Dive into the heart of the storm. Watch Woke Revealed. Unlock the premiere of a lifetime—for free.

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A Velvet Glove Hiding an Iron Fist

Gone are the days when the Mafia engaged in the "protection racket." Today, Governments, big tech, the mainstream media, and complicit businesses drive this twisted game of "Woke" ideology…

They claim it’s for…

..."equality,"... ..."safety,"... ..."protection, and"... ..."social justice".

Sounds noble, right? And yet, look closer.

Wokeness appears gentle, yet hides an iron fist—censorship and control crushing dissent and free speech.

  • Civil liberties? Shattered.
  • Free speech? Stomped on.
  • The economy? On shaky ground.
  • Connections that make us human? Splintered.

In this storm of control and censorship, there’s a spark of resistance.

They’re not backing down in the face of criticism or ridicule. This group, driven by a clear-eyed vision of what’s at stake, invites you to join them.

Thinkers and doers are standing up.

They refuse to back down in the face of criticism or ridicule.

Now’s the moment for clear thinking and bold moves.
Ready to see what’s really going on?
Woke Revealed exposes the truth behind the façade.

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For the First Time Ever...

Starting July 4th, and FOR A LIMITED TIME…

Dive into the core of "Woke" culture.

Experience firsthand as we peel back the layers to expose the contradictions, absurdities, and outright threats beneath the surface.

Discover how a movement that preaches openness celebrates censorship and enforces tyranny under the guise of progress.

"Join a documentary set to disrupt the status quo.

Ignite a conversation about what truly matters: individual rights, free speech, and their vital role in preserving our democracy.

Woke Revealed cuts through the noise, shining a light on the shadowy corners of this cultural movement. Unveil the hidden agendas and complex ideologies that define "Woke".

Are you prepared to see the truths hidden in plain sight? Confront the realities of the "Woke" doctrine and understand its impact on our society.

It’s time to open your mind and uncover the hidden truths, intricacies, and dangers of what it means to be “Woke”...

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The Topics Covered Are:

  • Authoritarianism
  • BLM
  • Big Pharma
  • Big Tech
  • Biden
  • Censorship
  • Cancel Culture
  • China
  • Christian
  • Nationalists
  • Communism
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • Censored Speech
  • Defining Woke
  • Economy
  • Freedom
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Government Weaponizes Media
  • How to Fix in Universities
  • LBGT (Pronouns, Kids, Pronouns, Sports, Trans)
  • Leftist College
  • Marxism
  • #MeToo
  • Origin of Wokeism
  • Political Correctness
  • Racial Accusations
  • Racism
  • Separation of State and Church
  • Social Media
  • Tolerance
  • Universities going Woke
  • Woke Brands
  • Woke in Church
  • Woke in Clinical Setting
  • Woke in Military

AJ Rice

Andrew Hartz

Connor Boyack

David Goodwin

Jaimee Michell

James Lindsay

Jason Hartman

Jennifer Sey

Papa John Schnetter

Johsua Philipp

Kara Danksy

Laura Dibenede

Lindsay Hoyt

Lucas Miles

Matt Lohmeier

Mark Jeftovic

Robert Kiyosaki

Tucker Max

Walt Heyer

Will Witt

Caitlyn Jenner

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Woke Revealed

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